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What’s up at MAX?

One thing’s for sure- the Thursday keynote will be a great one, it’s the much-anticipated ‘sneak peek’ session of the event. I’ll be presenting one of those sneak peeks- of particular interest to Dreamweaver aficionados. No more details, though- just make sure to show up tomorrow and get the 411 in person. ;-)

That’s not to say that there haven’t already been some great sneak peeks onstage, of course. Tuesday’s keynote demonstrated slick integration between After Effects, Photoshop and Flash, Dreamweaver/Photoshop, and even a little look into the future of Fireworks (those annoying rumors of it’s demise were HIGHLY overrated, I might add). If you haven’t read Jen DeHaan’s recap of the event, you’ll want to do that right now.

Today’s keynote focused on mobile and Breeze/Acrobat, and again- Jen DeHaan wins the ‘most butt-kicking onsite reporting’ award for putting together an exhaustive rundown of the various topics covered in the Wednesday session.

What have I been up to personally? Aside from darn near running my voice rough talking to everyone I met in the hallways and sessions, my first session on Flash Video went really well. So well, in fact, that the ‘hallway cops’ had to kick out all the folks who had taken up perches in the aisles and side walls in my room. Sorry ’bout that, folks- but you can still catch the repeat preso session tomorrow (Thursday) at 10:30 am – right after the sneaks keynote.

I also was MC for the Dreamweaver ‘Meet the Team’ birds-of-a-feather session last night (Tuesday), which was a lot of fun- and we got hit with a lot of great questions/comments and general conversations.

Oh yeah- did you notice that Flex Builder 2 for the Mac is now available on Labs? Get it while it’s hot (and it’s scorching hot, I might add).

Anyway, I guess my lack of posting is more related to the amount of fun and ‘engaging experiences’ here at the conferences, but I wanted to at least post this quick update to let you know what’s going on from my POV here in Vegas. If you catch me in the hallways please come up and say hi!

Vegas, baby!

It’s a crazy Friday at the Adobe office- our last work day before the MAX conference kicks off. Everyone’s nose-down trying to get last-minute tweaks into their presentations, demo files and the like. And I’m no different.

I’ll be speaking at the MiniMAX ‘unconference’ on Sunday night- specifically on After Effects animation (with some assistance from both Adobe Illustrator and Flash Pro), then presenting at MAX proper on both Tuesday and Thursday on Flash Video- the session rather verbosely titled “Video & Web: The Simple Guide to Shooting, Editing, and Publishing Web Video”. If you’ve caught my ‘Producing Video for Flash’ sessions at other cons/Breezos this year, this session is a wider variant you’ll probably want to catch- more of an end-to-end exploration of taking a single greenscreen shot all the way through a pipeline from production, to After Effects (color correction/keying), to encoding, to interactive authoring in Flash 8. Whereas my Flashforward/online sessions were largely focused on best practices for producing video, this one will be more hands-on and less slides. A bit more tactical, if you will.

And finally, I’ll be presenting a 5-minute demo in the much-anticipated Sneak Peek keynote session from 8:30-10am on Thursday, of particular interest to Dreamweaver loyalists. That’s all I’m saying about that demo here- if you’re interested, you’ll just need to attend Thursday morning’s session in the ‘big room’ and see it in person. Besides my own demo, there’s a lot of other cool sneaks planned, you certainly won’t want to miss it. :)

See you in Vegas!

Too. Much. News.

Wow, there’s been a lot of new developments to talk about over the last 24 hours or so- despite the fact that the MAX Las Vegas keynote isn’t for another 5 days (where most big surprise announcements get unleashed, in my experience).

First up- the great news that Flash Player 9 for Linux is now available as a beta on Adobe Labs. Put on your tux and dig it- the Linux community has been waiting quite a while for this news, and it seems to be very stable and feature-rich for a beta version, and the feedback so far on Mike’s weblog has been very positive. Find bugs? Log ’em here.

Next- Project Seven’s Al Sparber tipped me (and many others) off that Internet Explorer 7 has been officially released for download (not available in Windows Update yet, however). Regressive content testing is now underway in earnest across the web design world- this event’s been a long time coming. What do you think- is IE7 ready for prime time? Initial explorations seem pretty positive on my end, but it’s still early yet.

And finally, Adobe announced the acquisition of Serious Magic this morning, a Folsom, CA-based producer of some seriously COOL video software. Being a bit of a camera/production wonk myself, I’ve been a fan of DVRack for quite some time- and as a whole, the Serious Magic suite of products should present some very interesting complements to the Adobe video product line in the future.

Now that’s a good day in technology, if you ask me. My head’s still spinning from just these last three announcements, and if history is any indication, I expect that after next week’s MAX conference in Vegas, there will be even more to talk about. Good times.

MAX Deadline Looms – are you in?

Yes, I know that JD, Ray and others have already blogged this today- but as the MAX registration site will be closing down sometime between Sunday and Monday, if you’ve been on the fence as to whether to attend the annual MAX conference – in Las Vegas this year – today’s the time to make the call.

There’s going to be a lot of cool stuff shown at the keynotes this year (and I say this with confidence as I’ll be one of those showing a double-super-secret sneak peek myself), not to mention a stellar lineup of programs and speakers. If you’re really interested in the cutting-edge of Adobe products like Apollo and Flex, I’m pretty certain this year’s MAX is going to be a great one to attend.

If you are headed to Vegas for MAX (or decide to do so this week), make sure and flag me down at the conference and say hi. I’ll be speaking on Flash Video both Tuesday and Thursday, FYI. Outside of speaking, my favorite part about MAX is meeting and talking with all the cool folks who attend – in particular putting faces to those disassociated names, forums nicknames and email addresses. Look forward to seeing you there, too!

Free DV eSeminar Series – Got Video?

If your video kung-fu is slacking of late, there’s a great series of digital video eSeminars coming up that you’ll want to get onboard with. Did I mention they’re free? Or complimentary, for the more politically-correct. Here’s the lineup (I’ll be presenting the 11/8 AE/Flash session, FYI):

  • 10/17 (10am PST) – After Effects 101 for the Premiere Pro User
  • 10/17 (12pm PST) – High Definition for Independent Filmmakers
  • 11/8 (12pm PST) – After Effects for the Flash Developer (Intermediate)
  • 11/15 (12pm PST) – Discover Adobe Premiere Pro’s New Features (Intermediate)

You can sign up for any/all of these sessions here.
What are you waiting for?
Mash on that link and get registered, already. ;-)

Tom Green on Flash Video

Sometimes it’s nice to take a step back and look at how far we’ve come with web-based video over recent years, and Tom Green has just posted part 1 of an excellent article titled “The Rise of Flash Video” over on Digital Web Magazine that does exactly that. Give it a read- good stuff!