Too. Much. News.

Wow, there’s been a lot of new developments to talk about over the last 24 hours or so- despite the fact that the MAX Las Vegas keynote isn’t for another 5 days (where most big surprise announcements get unleashed, in my experience).

First up- the great news that Flash Player 9 for Linux is now available as a beta on Adobe Labs. Put on your tux and dig it- the Linux community has been waiting quite a while for this news, and it seems to be very stable and feature-rich for a beta version, and the feedback so far on Mike’s weblog has been very positive. Find bugs? Log ’em here.

Next- Project Seven’s Al Sparber tipped me (and many others) off that Internet Explorer 7 has been officially released for download (not available in Windows Update yet, however). Regressive content testing is now underway in earnest across the web design world- this event’s been a long time coming. What do you think- is IE7 ready for prime time? Initial explorations seem pretty positive on my end, but it’s still early yet.

And finally, Adobe announced the acquisition of Serious Magic this morning, a Folsom, CA-based producer of some seriously COOL video software. Being a bit of a camera/production wonk myself, I’ve been a fan of DVRack for quite some time- and as a whole, the Serious Magic suite of products should present some very interesting complements to the Adobe video product line in the future.

Now that’s a good day in technology, if you ask me. My head’s still spinning from just these last three announcements, and if history is any indication, I expect that after next week’s MAX conference in Vegas, there will be even more to talk about. Good times.

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