Vegas, baby!

It’s a crazy Friday at the Adobe office- our last work day before the MAX conference kicks off. Everyone’s nose-down trying to get last-minute tweaks into their presentations, demo files and the like. And I’m no different.

I’ll be speaking at the MiniMAX ‘unconference’ on Sunday night- specifically on After Effects animation (with some assistance from both Adobe Illustrator and Flash Pro), then presenting at MAX proper on both Tuesday and Thursday on Flash Video- the session rather verbosely titled “Video & Web: The Simple Guide to Shooting, Editing, and Publishing Web Video”. If you’ve caught my ‘Producing Video for Flash’ sessions at other cons/Breezos this year, this session is a wider variant you’ll probably want to catch- more of an end-to-end exploration of taking a single greenscreen shot all the way through a pipeline from production, to After Effects (color correction/keying), to encoding, to interactive authoring in Flash 8. Whereas my Flashforward/online sessions were largely focused on best practices for producing video, this one will be more hands-on and less slides. A bit more tactical, if you will.

And finally, I’ll be presenting a 5-minute demo in the much-anticipated Sneak Peek keynote session from 8:30-10am on Thursday, of particular interest to Dreamweaver loyalists. That’s all I’m saying about that demo here- if you’re interested, you’ll just need to attend Thursday morning’s session in the ‘big room’ and see it in person. Besides my own demo, there’s a lot of other cool sneaks planned, you certainly won’t want to miss it. :)

See you in Vegas!

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