iLike – Music social networking with Flash

If you’re using iTunes and like music as much as I do (even half as much), you should check out iLike, a new music-centric social networking site by the people who brought you

iLike has used Flash to integrate a ‘sidebar’ into iTunes (Mac and Windows), and let you share your recently-played tracks with both your direct friends and the larger music community. Implemented in Flash as a direct extension to iTunes (right now that’s the only ‘jukebox’ app supported), the iLike sidebar helps link you to your iLike account, and both see what your friends are listening to as well as other artists similar to your own tastes as you rock out in iTunes on your local machine. Awesome.

But best of all- it helps find similar independent artists on based on your musical preferences. I’ve been growing more and more dissatisfied with the major labels’ choices these days, and have really been getting into the indie scene more- this is a great way to ‘music-surf’ some great unknown acts and ‘local heros’ you might not otherwise notice sticking to the corpo-airwaves. ;-)

I’ve been really enjoying iLike the last month or so of it’s private beta, but as it’s now opened up to public beta this last week- you can jump in and start music-surfing and discovering new artists and tunes yourselves. Check out their FAQ here, and if you decide to hook up, make sure to ping me at my profile page here and hop on my buddy list. The more the merrier, I say.

(IMHO – since it’s such a cool, integrated use of Flash outside the great features, you should just give it a whirl on general principle… ;-)

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