iLike adds Flash Video via YouTube

I blogged yesterday about iLike, a new music social networking site that uses Flash both for iTunes app integration and on-site features, but they’ve just added a really cool feature – the ability to also view any videos on YouTube related to the artist/album in question- right in place (this is what I love the most about Web 2.0 companies – rapid iteration of new features)! You can read all about it on the team weblog here. According to the engineer who built it out (see prior link), the whole feature – from conception to engineering to QA to production – took roughly 72 hours, with the first prototype going live within 3. Nice.

And again, if you decide to hook up the service yourself, make sure to add me to your friends list- I’m a musical sponge and am obsessed with getting good recommendations on new artists/songs/albums/etc so I can waste all my disposable cash at Amoeba Records each week. Plus, it’s just a damn cool usage of Flash. Keep those new features coming, guys… ;-)

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