The Rise of Flash Video – Part 3

Digital Web Magazine has just published Tom Green’s third installation of his ‘Rise of Flash Video’ series– the first two being so popular they darn near brought down the servers. Part 3 is all about tackling your first FLV project, a step-by-step primer walking through preflight considerations for your video project, encoding (a subject we both tackled in considerable depth here together), using the FLVPlayback component, and finally- publishing your SWF.

If you’ve still been dragging your feet on getting started with Flash Video, you may want to recap with part 1 and part 2 of Tom’s series, then dive into his most recent opus to get all hands-on with the process. Video is rapidly becoming one of the most prevalent mediums to publish content on the web, don’t get left behind when it’s so dead-simple these days!

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