Studio 60 goes Spry

NBC’s site for the new show ‘Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip‘ just got an update- and is now using Spry for both effect transitions, and data loading for the list views (right of the video player), comment threads, permalinks and more. And Flash video is used for the video previews, natch. It’s great to see Spry get implemented by one of the major US networks- head over and check it out!

2 Responses to Studio 60 goes Spry

  1. WAM says:

    HelloNot sure of best way to write to you.Hopefully you can help me w/ this question.I am creating a Prjector file w/ FLASH.I want to import a video (mov) file into my FLASH 8 project. For some reason the video will not play after I import it. I want it to link to the flash file. I am unclear on how to do this also!This FLASH project will be burned to the CD to be used as a portfilo.Sorry if this is unclear.:/

  2. Hi there WAM-Flash movies (SWF/projector) can’t play MOV files, you’d need to convert it to FLV. If you did already do that (via the import wizard or Flash Video Encoder), make sure that the FLV file is always in the same relative path from the projector (as you should never embed videos of more than 2-3 seconds in a SWF file).If that doesn’t help out, make sure to post your question in the Flash support forums:!