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Dreamweaver User Research in SF – interested?

I just got a ping from our User Research team I wanted to pass along ASAP- are you in the San Francisco Bay Area and interested in helping the Dreamweaver team research workflows and user interaction? If so- read on and take action!

Adobe User Research is researching work flows and functions of Dreamweaver by holding two Focus Groups in our SF office on Monday, 1/29/07. We know your time is valuable, so in addition to free parking, food and Adobe-branded gifts, we will also pay selected participants $75 for this two-hour focus group.

We would love to have you participate, but need to see if you qualify for one of the groups- please answer these few questions in our survey. If you meet the criteria we’re looking for, we’ll contact you this week to schedule sessions.

Find the survey here:

You are welcome to forward this link to your friends and colleagues. To be included in our data base for future paid studies like this one, please register at

Adobe User Research

I want to reiterate that this is a local/San Francisco testing opportunity only- apologies to out-of-area interested parties. There are no remote participation options for this round of testing.

(FYI, comments are disabled for this post- if you’re interested, please fill out the survey questions linked above!)

An Event Apart Boston- Discount

One of the few events I’m getting out to this year is An Event Apart Boston on March 26-27 (after missing all the previous AEAs), featuring a great speaker lineup including Jeffrey Zeldman, Jason Santa Maria, Cameron Moll, as well as Steve Krug– author of the popular tome on web usability ‘Don’t Make Me Think‘. Oh yeah, and you can’t forget that Eric Meyer chap as well. ;-) One hell of a lineup, you won’t want to miss it. And being a 2-day/1-track event, you won’t have to worry about choosing between kick-ass speakers, either. No collisions. :D

On the fence as funds are tight this year? No sweat- you can even save a few bills off the face value. As Adobe’s a sponsor of the event, you can chop $50 off the registration fee at the official website by entering the discount code ‘AEAADOB’ (no quotes, of course).
(Of course, JD blogged this discount last week– but it certainly bears repeating.)

See you in MA in March- and you’ll probably want to jump on that discount soon as early bird pricing (currently $795 – $745 after the discount) expires on February 26th, and jumps up another bill to $895 ($845 after the discount). Chop chop!

Bulletproof Ajax announced

I just noticed that Jeremy Keith announced his new book today – Bulletproof Ajax. Having greatly enjoyed DOM Scripting, his last labour of love, I’m sure this will be a great read as well- particularly as he notes writing it in a less programmer-heavy and more narrative-focused manner. I, for one, always appreciate a divergence from the expected monotony of dry technical tomes towards something a little more creative.

The book will be focused more on front-end developers than programmers per-se, which is also a nice twist on the expected Ajaxian tome of late. And it also shares an adjective and theme with Dan Cederholm’s quite well-penned ‘Bulletproof Web Design‘, becoming a nice extension of the ‘Bulletproof’ theme that carries Dan’s seal of approval to boot.

The companion website for Bulletproof Ajax is now live as well, containing the intro, TOC and some code samples from the book (as well as links to preorder the book itself on the various Amazon regional sites)- so if this has piqued your interest you’ll want to wander on over and check it out postehaste. Good stuff!