Bulletproof Ajax announced

I just noticed that Jeremy Keith announced his new book today – Bulletproof Ajax. Having greatly enjoyed DOM Scripting, his last labour of love, I’m sure this will be a great read as well- particularly as he notes writing it in a less programmer-heavy and more narrative-focused manner. I, for one, always appreciate a divergence from the expected monotony of dry technical tomes towards something a little more creative.

The book will be focused more on front-end developers than programmers per-se, which is also a nice twist on the expected Ajaxian tome of late. And it also shares an adjective and theme with Dan Cederholm’s quite well-penned ‘Bulletproof Web Design‘, becoming a nice extension of the ‘Bulletproof’ theme that carries Dan’s seal of approval to boot.

The companion website for Bulletproof Ajax is now live as well, containing the intro, TOC and some code samples from the book (as well as links to preorder the book itself on the various Amazon regional sites)- so if this has piqued your interest you’ll want to wander on over and check it out postehaste. Good stuff!

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