Dreamweaver User Research in SF – interested?

I just got a ping from our User Research team I wanted to pass along ASAP- are you in the San Francisco Bay Area and interested in helping the Dreamweaver team research workflows and user interaction? If so- read on and take action!

Adobe User Research is researching work flows and functions of Dreamweaver by holding two Focus Groups in our SF office on Monday, 1/29/07. We know your time is valuable, so in addition to free parking, food and Adobe-branded gifts, we will also pay selected participants $75 for this two-hour focus group.

We would love to have you participate, but need to see if you qualify for one of the groups- please answer these few questions in our survey. If you meet the criteria we’re looking for, we’ll contact you this week to schedule sessions.

Find the survey here:

You are welcome to forward this link to your friends and colleagues. To be included in our data base for future paid studies like this one, please register at www.adobe.com/survey.

Adobe User Research

I want to reiterate that this is a local/San Francisco testing opportunity only- apologies to out-of-area interested parties. There are no remote participation options for this round of testing.

(FYI, comments are disabled for this post- if you’re interested, please fill out the survey questions linked above!)

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