An Event Apart Boston

I’m flying out to Boston shortly for An Event Apart, and given my late arrival this evening I’m sure tomorrow will be a fun and coffee-drenched day of web buildin’ hijinks.

Particularly interesting to me this year is web usability expert Steve Krug’s presentation on ‘Advanced Common Sense‘. I’ve been a fan of his popular usability book “Don’t Make Me Think” for some time now, and am really looking forward to hearing Steve extrapolate on usability and whatever else is on his mind.

Not to say that the rest of the speakers aren’t absolutely top-notch, from Eric to Dan to Stan, and of course the irreplaceable Molly (who’s session I will not miss for anything, as I slipped out right before she mentioned me during her SXSW panel earlier in the month, much to my chagrin!).

But make no question about it, the winner of the ‘Best Session Title Ever’ award has to go to Ethan Marcotte: “Web Standards Stole My Truck”. Now that is a session I’ve gotta see.

Make sure to tap me on the shoulder and say hi if you’re there as well- I’ll be wandering around with my requisite Dreamweaver hoodie on, representing. If you catch me in a good mood, I’ll probably answer your questions about the upcoming Adobe CS3 products- but if I’m in a great mood, I might even demo ’em for you. I’m that kinda guy. ;-)

Boston ahoy!

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