Care and Feeding of the Extension Manager

Well known extension developer Tom Muck wrote a great post today on some tips for managing extensions across multiple installed versions of Dreamweaver. The Extension Manager is a bit of a jack-of-all-trades, master-of-none application- managing not just Dreamweaver extensions but also Flash and Fireworks, so although right now the EM’s the easiest way to install/manage extensions – it certainly has some snafus involved with doing so. Understanding a bit of what’s happening both beneath the hood, and across multiple versions of DW, is highly adviseable for those DW users who rely on the excellent product extensions made available by Tom, Project Seven and WebAssist, among many others.

Although certainly not everyone keeps multiple versions of Dreamweaver installed year-round, Tom’s advice is very sound and definitely worth a read for anyone who uses DW extensions regularly. Particularly so as I hear there’s a new version of Dreamweaver on the way soon… ;-)

Read the full article here.

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