CS3 – Yes Virginia, It’s Now Official.

Rock and roll. I don’t have to dodge your questions anymore. Today we announced the Adobe Creative Suite 3 release, including 6 suite groupings to fill your respective needs- Design and Web suites (in Standard and Premium editions), Production Premium (for video/film pros) and the hard-drive filling Master Collection, including pretty much everything you’ll ever need from Adobe.

You can read more details here at the official site, and at 3:30 Eastern (12:30 PST) catch the webcast of the CS3 launch event here.

We’ll be giving three copies of the CS3 Web Premium suite away to three lucky An Event Apart attendees today in Boston (where I’m current at, watching Cameron Moll speak), so make sure to come back from lunch promptly in case your name gets called. Lori Hylan-Cho, Lynn Grillo and myself will be around for the rest of the day too, if you have questions. So now that the cone of silence is lifted, come up, say hi, and let’s talk!

5 Responses to CS3 – Yes Virginia, It’s Now Official.

  1. Jack says:

    Well I had some time to check out the tours and I much say (ok we all know it was coming) but flash is now everywhere in the adobe products its great to see that adobe did take the time to put the Macromedia products with there own the only bad thing I see is that in flash adobe think it was a good thing that it did look more like Photoshop and change the icons and interface….but we will have to wait and see how it turns out.And I need to say it that damn pen tool finaly got a upgrade!!!Next to that I am a big user of Dreamweaver. My favorite new thing in Dreamweaver is the upgrade to the css panel again it look so time saving and covert inline styles to styles and have control without open the css file…. where put them and move them around and so on :)Fireworks cs3 was kind of well lame I wish they put more time in this nice piece of software to add more Photoshop stuff to it but I fear now that Photoshop and that other vector program (:)) got full flash suport fireworks will be one of the more less use programs in the cs3 line.And even after the beta version of photoshop cs3 it even got beter….

  2. Thanks for the good words, Jack. Photoshop may have been the first public showing of the new interface, but it’s not necessarily a case of ‘Flash looking like Photoshop’. The interface is being considered for all the products, some took it this time and some (DW, FW) will move in that direction over time.Fireworks is actually a great timesaver now and more focused on it’s core usage- but if you’re really just repurposing PS comps into the Flash timeline, than sure- you may not have a direct need for Fw. But if you’re doing a lot of interface development, Fw CS3 is a killer. Check out the direct MXML export, for example. ;-)Hope you enjoy using all the new toys!

  3. Jack says:

    Yeah the FW /flex mxml export look great for quick mockups to full layout and so on :)

  4. Congrats on the launch Scott. My only disappointment is that Fireworks and InDesign, at least as near as I can tell, aren’t available in a package other than the Master Collection.I’m sure Adobe’s product line managers did their homework before settling on these bundles, but as the manager of an in-house production team for a relatively small enterprise company (1200 employees), I’m surprised there aren’t more customers demanding UI/Rapid-prototyping *and* print production applications.The very reasonable upgrade path from Studio 8/CS 2 is compromised by my needing to spring for the Master bundle which also seems to be further out than the other bundles.

  5. Hi, Mychal-True, Fireworks and InDesign are available in the Web and Design Premium suites (respectively), but not together- not so much. Fireworks in particular is geared towards online interfaces (including Flex), whereas InDesign is strictly for print ‘interfaces’ (to loosely overload the term, of course).Basically, yes- demand for those two products together in a suite (specifically) was low, but I can say that I’ve also heard from a few high-profile designers (Jason Santa Maria, for one) who would love the option to have both. I’ll pass your comments along of course, but I’m afraid there’s not much we can do for the CS3 release at the moment as the bullet’s just left the gun. Thanks for the feedback, though! I can’t say I entirely disagree, as a person who designs for both print and web myself.