CS3 Launch at An Event Apart

I’ve been answering questions all day at An Event Apart about the new CS3 products, in anticipation of the launch event in an hour. Even better, I gave away (with the assistance of Eric Meyer, Jason Santa Maria and Jeffrey Zeldman) three advance copies of CS3 Web Premium to three lucky attendees – Lynn Morehouse, Robert Cherny and Erik Peterson. Congrats, guys! I hope you enjoy the new goodies once they get shipping.

It’s been incredibly illuminating to talk to so many attendees that use various groupings of Adobe creative/web software, as An Event Apart is a really great mix of disciplines all centering on site design and development. I’ve talked to educators, government developers, indie web production shops, animators and video pros- just in the last hour alone. It’ll take days to wade through all my notes and pass them along to the appropriate product teams, but they’re all golden.

(And honestly, the track schedule at AEA Boston is so awesome I’ve been completely buried in soaking up the speakers’ wisdom at every opportunity.)

Make sure and hit the launch event in about an hour for more details, and I can’t wait to start blogging more about the cool new features. I won’t be doing a ‘feature a day’ campaign as I did with the Studio 8 launch, but will do my best to start kicking down some dirt on the new features shortly. Keep posted!

One Response to CS3 Launch at An Event Apart

  1. Jack says:

    hey I remember that ‘feature a day’ campaign you did for studio 8. I much be getting old :)