MS Watch – Kudos for Adobe Labs

Joe Wilcox has some praise for Adobe Labs down at the bottom of his post on Microsoft Watch today:

The Apollo Alpha comes out through Adobe Labs, which is one of the best unsung assets of Adobe’s Macromedia acquisition. Adobe is reaching a different developer community than before the acquisition. Over the last year, Adobe Labs has released some intriguing incubation projects, such as Flash Lite, Lightroom, Mars, Soundbooth and, now, Apollo.

Awesome- it’s great to hear Labs get some props, as it’s certainly got a warm spot in my own heart. As the project manager driving the initial October 2005 launch of Macromedia (now Adobe) Labs, that puts a big smile on my face. I handed the management reins over to my long-time cohort Dan Taborga back in early 2006 – I’m more of an entrepreneurial/short-term-attention-span type than a long-term program manager – but before doing so was overjoyed at how well the Labs concept was recieved by the Adobe management both before and after the acquisition. The Lightroom team was literally queued up to release their public alpha within days of the acquisition’s close- I couldn’t have asked for a better reception than that from our then-new Adobe management structure.

I personally feel that transparency in development processes is mandatory for products to really match their community’s expectations, and to that end, I can’t think of many projects that I’ve helped get off the ground in prior years that I’m prouder of than Adobe Labs. My baby’s all grown up now.

Here’s to many more years of public software development with tight community interaction. Cheers, Adobe Labs (and keep kicking butt with it, Dan)!

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