35 Designers x 5 Questions

This has to be the most awesome web design article I’ve read in a while. Smashing Magazine interviews 35 designers with 5 questions, resulting in 175 awesome tips and tricks from leading voices in the web design community. Great source of inspiration, advice and know-how, strongly recommended.

Check out the article.

(Thanks to Don Crowley for the twitter-nod and link.)

3 Responses to 35 Designers x 5 Questions

  1. Brian! says:

    Interesting article, but it is overshadowed by, GOLD! There be gold in them there hills! And cheap by the sounds of it.heh

  2. Don Crowley says:

    Hi Scott, you are welcome and thanks for the link

  3. @Don – you bet!@Brian – ROFL!Damn those comment spammers… ;-)(now deleted)