Premiere Pro and After Effects – Now on Labs

Right in line with the NAB show’s industry-wide press storm, Adobe Labs today features two smokin’ hot new prerelease programs for video freaks- both After Effects CS3 and Premiere Pro CS3 prerelease builds are live on Labs and ready to first assault your network/download bandwidth, and then take on your spare processing cycles with aplomb. Also in today’s news, the Soundbooth beta 3 build has been released on Labs. It’s a audio/video storm up there today!

Although After Effects has remained a video-tweaking stalwart on both Mac and Windows platforms for it’s entire lifespan, Premiere Pro dropped Macintosh support two releases ago in favor of Windows-only releases. And quite a bit happened with Premiere in that Windows-only span that Mac users missed out on entirely – the application really took on a more serious, bad-ass side that was (in my opinion) lacking in it’s previous Mac/Windows incarnations. Fortunately now you Mac-bretheren can check out what the PC folk have been freaking on for all that time- as the Premiere Pro CS3 prerelease isn’t just for PCs anymore, but is also Intel Mac-savvy.

A note on availability
Both prerelease programs are for the English version of the applications. I’d also check out the system requirements for Premiere Pro and After Effects to make sure your hardware is up to snuff- video is a pretty taxing media type to work with on any machine.

Also- although Premiere Pro CS3 prerelease will be available to everyone, the After Effects CS3 prerelease program is open to former After Effects and suite owners only – check out the FAQ for more details on whether you qualify.

The products aren’t complete yet and not all functionality is in place, so as with all the Labs programs, make sure to send the teams your feedback and thoughts on the new bits on both the After Effects forums and the Premiere Pro forums.

So what’s holding you back? Go warm up those broadband connections and get crackin’!