PVII Slide Show Magic

The next step in my tour of Dreamweaver extensions takes me to long-time Dreamweaver extensionologists, Project Seven. Project Seven (PVII) has always had a warm spot in my heart for taking very specific problem scenarios for web developers, and coming up with extremely elegant and deep solutions to address them.

PVII’s newest commercial extension – Slide Show Magic – is a great example of their problem-specific focus, enabling an automated Dreamweaver interface to create rich, interactive image galleries and slide shows. Sure, you could build out a slideshow’s markup by hand, and code in the fades and dynamic loads by hand, but where Project Seven always excels is coming up with an elegant, accessible, well-structured and automated solution that covers all the bases eloquently.

Not only is Slide Show Magic accessible and indexable, but it gracefully degrades in older browsers, or when JavaScript is disabled. The markup generated by Slide Show Magic isn’t littered with event handlers and extraneous code, and the JavaScript is unobtrusively-written and lean. Their technical solution is as eloquent as the rich visual front end.

If you find yourself building image galleries or slideshows regularly, I can say that I’m very impressed with not just the elegant user interface, but the plumbing beneath the hood of Slide Show Magic- it’s a great automated solution that generates excellent code even the purists can be proud of.

Check out a quick screencast of Slide Show Magic at the Project Seven site (which really highlights the Dreamweaver interface and workflow), or better yet- live demos of the extension in action. Dreamweaver MX and greater are supported, as well as Fireworks MX or greater for image processing (which is optional). Dreamweaver CS3 is supported of course (as are the rest of PVII’s products). Great extension!