WebAssist’s eCart 4 Released

WebAssist president Eric Ott dropped by the Adobe offices last week to give me a sneak peek of their new eCart 4 release, which begins shipping as of today. eCart 4 is a significant upgrade to WebAssist’s popular commerce extension to Dreamweaver (supporting DW MX 2004, 8 and CS3).

Back during Eric’s tenure as product manager for Dreamweaver, a huge feature request was an integrated shopping cart solution that made commerce enablement a snap, a call taken up quite admirably by the third-party Dreamweaver developer ecosystem. And from what I can tell, the engineers at WebAssist did a bang-up job of building a very complex but easy-to-use Dreamweaver extension by way of eCart 4 to enable exactly that- rich shopping and commerce functionality in a very user-friendly package. You can see some examples of third-party eCart implementations at the eCart showcase.

Sporting freshly redesigned, standards-based CSS layouts (reviewed and approved by CSS guru Eric Meyer, no less), support for a veritable plethora of back-end payment processing services and frameworks (including all of PayPal’s options), and a very configurable design and layout engine.

The eCart interface itself has undergone a major face-lift as well, with a clean, fresh new look and very well thought-out workflow. Although the options for an ecommerce solution can be vast and overwhelming, WebAssist has done a great job of streamlining the configuration process. Read more about this in the feature breakdown/tour, of course.

This looks like a fantastic upgrade to eCart- an incredibly valuable extension for Dreamweaver overall. Check out the eCart 4.0 website for more details, including a very nicely-done product walkthru by Mark Fletcher. Great job and a powerful new upgrade!

Note: I’ll be looking at some other new offerings from the Dreamweaver extension community over the next few weeks, so keep posted for more soon.

2 Responses to WebAssist’s eCart 4 Released

  1. Tod Lloyd says:

    Hey ScottBefore you pat Eric Ott and the boys at webassist.com on the back… you should know their new CS3 extensions are in complete shambles… as of April 28th they did NOT own or test on an intel MAC… and Ecart 4 DOES NOT WORK on ANY Intel MAC…PLUS all their cs3 extensions WILL NOT work for months until they re-write ALL new code for the INTEL MAC (Bad Planning)I think this is total madness at WEBASSIT… they need to get thier act together ASAP!

  2. Sorry you had a bad experience, Tod. I had quite the opposite, and still stand behind my words on eCart.