WebAssist’s eCart 4 Released

WebAssist president Eric Ott dropped by the Adobe offices last week to give me a sneak peek of their new eCart 4 release, which begins shipping as of today. eCart 4 is a significant upgrade to WebAssist’s popular commerce extension to Dreamweaver (supporting DW MX 2004, 8 and CS3).

Back during Eric’s tenure as product manager for Dreamweaver, a huge feature request was an integrated shopping cart solution that made commerce enablement a snap, a call taken up quite admirably by the third-party Dreamweaver developer ecosystem. And from what I can tell, the engineers at WebAssist did a bang-up job of building a very complex but easy-to-use Dreamweaver extension by way of eCart 4 to enable exactly that- rich shopping and commerce functionality in a very user-friendly package. You can see some examples of third-party eCart implementations at the eCart showcase.

Sporting freshly redesigned, standards-based CSS layouts (reviewed and approved by CSS guru Eric Meyer, no less), support for a veritable plethora of back-end payment processing services and frameworks (including all of PayPal’s options), and a very configurable design and layout engine.

The eCart interface itself has undergone a major face-lift as well, with a clean, fresh new look and very well thought-out workflow. Although the options for an ecommerce solution can be vast and overwhelming, WebAssist has done a great job of streamlining the configuration process. Read more about this in the feature breakdown/tour, of course.

This looks like a fantastic upgrade to eCart- an incredibly valuable extension for Dreamweaver overall. Check out the eCart 4.0 website for more details, including a very nicely-done product walkthru by Mark Fletcher. Great job and a powerful new upgrade!

Note: I’ll be looking at some other new offerings from the Dreamweaver extension community over the next few weeks, so keep posted for more soon.