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Mothball Alert

Just a heads-up that I’ll be offline for about 6 weeks, and probably not posting much – if at all – on my Adobe weblog. My wife and I are expecting our first child at some time over the next day or so, and I’m taking the opportunity to enjoy a little time away from the keys and spend time with my soon-to-expand family.

I’ll most likely be posting more to my personal weblog and Flickr photostream in the meantime, in case you’re interested, curious, or just plain bored. ;-)

So with that- I’m signing off for a while. Hopefully I won’t be incoherently tired and diaper-averse, but given the war stories I’ve been hearing lately I wouldn’t rule either scenario out, either. Talk to you again here in a month.5!


Return of the Son of the CS3 Icons

Reactions to the Adobe CS3 ‘periodic table’ product icons were mixed, with some strong negative opinions flying about. However, some folks not only got on well with the design system, but took it to the next level- check out this completely CS3-ized dock – links/reference courtesy of the Unofficial Apple Weblog.

Now I didn’t mind the CS3 icons after an initial adjustment period, but this may be taking it a bit too far… I can’t even guess at most of those applications in there. ;-)

Adobe Exchange Updated

The Adobe web team just announced that the Exchange just launched it’s first significant UI update in 4 years last night – in many respects a simple reversion from it’s circa-2003 Flash-based interface to a lean, mean and quick-loading HTML front end. Functionality and features are mostly the same as before, but now some of the long-standing issues with the venerable Flash UI (lack of scroll wheel support, faster load times, ability to print views, et al) have been addressed, and without requiring you to completely relearn the application.

The Adobe web team’s David Hatch talks a little more about the update in this forums thread, and notes that this is the first, interim release of several updates the web team will be making to the Exchange app based on extensive user research across the Adobe product communities they’ve been doing over the past few months. David’s also noted some current issues with the updated Exchange UI – be sure to visit the thread and let the web team know what you think – and of course report bugs you run into so they can be addressed downstream.

(Note: comments are closed in this post, as discussion is being centralized in David’s forum thread instead.)

Veerle on CSS-Based Tabs

Veerle Pieters has posted a great walkthrough on how she and Roger Johansson created a beautifully-degradable tab interface for a list element in a recent real estate site redesign. This is a brilliant bit of insight into styling well-structured, semantic markup – at it’s core just a standard unordered list with some contained markup in each list element – that looks beautiful (vertically ‘expanding’ it’s image backgrounds to handle different amounts of content within), and degrades beautifully when CSS is turned off.

Map of Online Communities

Ever get lost navigating the treacherous and vast waters of online communities? This handy Map of Online Communities gives you the 411 in most awesome fashion (link courtesy of Regions and countries are sized in approximation of their actual community/membership size.

I think I spend most of my time in the countries surrounding the Sea of Culture (which is sadly ironic in and of itself), but would really enjoy some wreck diving at the shipwreck of the SS Howard Dean (just east of Huffington Post island). Enjoy!