Veerle on CSS-Based Tabs

Veerle Pieters has posted a great walkthrough on how she and Roger Johansson created a beautifully-degradable tab interface for a list element in a recent real estate site redesign. This is a brilliant bit of insight into styling well-structured, semantic markup – at it’s core just a standard unordered list with some contained markup in each list element – that looks beautiful (vertically ‘expanding’ it’s image backgrounds to handle different amounts of content within), and degrades beautifully when CSS is turned off.

3 Responses to Veerle on CSS-Based Tabs

  1. Jason Bryant says:

    Hi Scott,We recently purchased Design Premium for our small non-profit company. I tried to search for your Import Flash Video thread, but was unable to comment.I’ve followed all the tutorials and they make it so easy, but I can’t duplicate them.I’m trying to create a plain page just to “test” the flash video on the page, trying in both HTML and .ASPX pages. I’m getting nothing.It previews in dreamweaver cs3 fine, but when I upload all the files to the web, I still get nothing. I’m utterly confused because the Flash Video Encoder would really help us in putting some of our content up on the site.All the files, folders and swf’s and such are updated within their respective folders..Here’s two test sites that I’ve tried, this doesn’t even include our pages stylesheets, just the bare bones to make sure they work.Any help would be appreciated at the e-mail above. in advance,JB

  2. Jason Bryant says:

    I failed to mention that I’ve tried both importing an .swf and the .flv directly and gotten zilch.

  3. Jason- contact me offlist (have sent you details) and I can take a look at your problem?