Egads, I’m Back.

I’m freshly back in the house at Adobe after an amazing 6 weeks of parental leave, and wow, what a great time I had. I strongly recommend unplugging for a few weeks if you get the opportunity, it’s a great chance to pull in some external perspective and pull up from the keys and mice a bit. My son Devin was born on June 1st, so I changed a lot of diapers, too. Cool kid. Aside from a grueling 38 hours of labor on my wife’s part, parenthood has been very cool so far. Strongly recommended!

Aside from diaper detail and professional slacking, I spent much of my time off shooting pictures with my Nikon D80 and related glass (some topical shots up on my photostream, if you’re interested), and putting Photoshop CS3 and Lightroom through their paces. Before switching to a RAW workflow, iPhoto covered most of my needs, but switching to a DSLR I had to dump it quickly for Lightroom, and will NEVER look back. Nitpickingly, my final reservation was not being able to use the wonderful Flickr Export plug in with Lightroom, but fortunately you can hook up Lightroom’s Export Actions (a feature I’m growing to love) to pipe selected exported photos over to the Flickr Uploadr application (which subsequently maintains all your Lightroom-specified tags and metadata, all you have to do is delete the ‘default’ image title in Uploadr and you’re golden).

I also spent a lot of time with the iPhone the latter part of my break. This little device is really shaking up my preconceptions of how and why I use a phone – not to mention my preconceptions of user design and interaction in web development. Quite possibly my only regret over the vacation was being on the road during iPhoneDevCamp (whurley, would have loved to buy you a beer – maybe next time?), which explored exactly these conundrums and hurdles in painful detail. Just my type of gathering. O’ well, perhaps next time.

Anyway, I’m now back on the game as part of Dreamweaver’s product management team along with Devin Fernandez, and there’s a lot for us to get working on. I helped wrangle the AIR Extension for Dreamweaver release before going on break, but now the CS4 planning is ramping up and I’m working on demos and presos for the remainder of the year (including MAX), so it looks like there’s no shortage of things to work on for now.

Good to be back!

2 Responses to Egads, I’m Back.

  1. Nancy Gill says:

    he’s adorable, Scott! Congratulations to you and your wife on a terrific boy! And welcome back! Get moving on CS4 .. we’re bored with 3 already! :)

  2. Thanks, Nancy! He’s quite a handful, but so worth it. (working on CS4 as we speak, too… ;-)