Configuring Dreamweaver CS3 for AIR Coding

If you’re using Dreamweaver CS3 but hesitant to get started with AIR development, I put together a very quick one-off screencast showing how to configure DWCS3 for AIR previewing and deployment using the beta AIR Extension for Dreamweaver (available on Adobe Labs).

This screencast covers installation and general functionality of the extension, and should get you up and running quickly. From there, it should be a snap to start leveraging your existing XHTML/JS/Spry/CSS skills to write sweet desktop apps using the AIR runtime.

2 Responses to Configuring Dreamweaver CS3 for AIR Coding

  1. David Moody says:

    Scott,Great screencast about Air and DW. Is BlogTop available for download. I would be cool to take it for a spin and try the blog top Air app too.Thanks,David

  2. Hey, David-BlogTop is (at least right now) a proof-of-concept app, we just haven’t had the time to polish it up and release it officially. I’ll talk to the team and see what we can do, though!