Eric Meyer’s CSS Sculptor for Dreamweaver

To quote Zeldman: “danged if Eric Meyer hasn’t launched a product“, and in collaboration with long-time Dreamweaver extensionology specialists WebAssist, no less.
Today WebAssist announced their new product “Eric Meyer’s CSS Sculptor“, a collaboration with Eric on a very well-concieved Dreamweaver extension that allows you to create drop-dead simple, standards-compliant CSS designs quickly and comprehensively. Quite a nice collaboration at that, if I do say so myself.

CSS Sculptor is an elegant Dreamweaver extension that helps you quickly build a customized CSS layout, starting with 30 of the most popular variants- elastic, liquid and fixed layouts, 1-3 column configurations, and much more. The interface doesn’t just help you choose from a completely ‘pre-canned’ design, but gives you a clear starting point to help expose the CSS and attributes required to customize a layout for your specific project and design- helping educate users on CSS best practices as well as expedite their development. Win/win.

The community is taking notice, too- you can read Jeffrey Zeldman’s aforementioned take on CSS Sculptor (great comment thread, too), articles from InfoWorld and Website Magazine, and of course Eric’s own take on CSS Sculptor at his personal weblog. Don’t forget to digg the news, as well. :)

Great product from two heavyweights in their respective spheres of influence, and yet another reason why Dreamweaver’s such a rich product to work with- the extensibility/third-party developer community around Dreamweaver just plain rocks! Awesome job, guys.

(Side note: I feel compelled to put a little plug in here for the standards-compliant CSS Layouts that ship with Dreamweaver CS3 for the record – which are also great sources of education on CSS design/layout best practices – heavily commented, and coded for Dreamweaver by The Web Standards Project‘s Stephanie Sullivan.)