Kuler API Now Available

Kuler, the Flex-based Adobe web app for exploring color space, has become quite the thriving nexus for colorists across the ether, allowing one to experiment quickly with color themes and share them with equal ease amongst the design community. Well, good news for mashup artists worldwide- you can now access a simple RESTful API to get Kuler color themes into your own application/mashup. Here’s an example to get the wheels turning. Ready? You can get all the details over at Adobe Labs. Mash away!

Update: I was recently informed that the Kuler interface was actually built in Flash- not Flex. Apologies for the mixup!

4 Responses to Kuler API Now Available

  1. Stefan Gruenwedel says:

    Hi Scott, Ben Pritchard recently wrote an interesting article for the Flash Developer Center about how the kuler API fits into his custom kuler panel for Flash CS3 Professional.

  2. As says:

    I piss on the kuler application.. why? cause non can do a FUCK (FAQ) that explains some of the simplest fucking questions.. how the fuck does it implement with flex???

  3. Tell you what, buddy- if you cared to actually READ the API docs and FAQ linked to in the post, you’d answer your questions. A little understanding of how Flex works with service APIs (in the Flex docs, hint) would be helpful, too.Best of luck- cause that attitude’s isn’t gonna help you out here, pal :P

  4. Dimitri says:

    Hi Scott!Thanks for linking to my mashup as an example of the kuler API. I’d like to update the link to my new AS3 mashup that does way more than the old one.http://blog.locus-delicti.com/archives/156CheersDimitri