Twitter/AIR Tastiness

Twitter’s popular these days, that’s for sure. I’m hooked, at least – and have been for over a year now. And although there’s many very cool third-party clients you can use to consume your tweets, two recently came to my attention that use Adobe technology to deliver your regular tweet fix – TwitterAIR and Spaz.AIR.

First, Aaron West’s sweet TwitterAIR app gets the strong nod-and-wink for being the first AIR Twitter app I’d seen (and damn nicely done, too). Respect.

Secondly – but not least – Spaz.AIR uses both the AIR runtime as well as the free Spry framework from Adobe (along with some JQuery) to do it’s magic. A double shot of Adobe technology in that little package, that’s cool in and of itself.

Now to be perfectly honest- I primarily use the Iconfactory’s Twitteriffic as it both integrates with my menu bar well, and Growl for system notification (mainly, I’ve been using it for so long it’s just become part of my workflow), but were I to rethink it all – which I might – either Spaz or TwitterAIR would be my successors of choice. Boo ya!