Spry 1.6 – It’s On.

That’s right- Spry 1.6 is now live on Adobe Labs, you can download it now and get playing with the bits right away. The Spry team is really proud of this release, as it both clarifies and solidifies a lot of their positions on the framework as a whole, and how to use it in responsible ways.

Oh, and did I mention Spry now includes an easy way to update your framework files in Dreamweaver CS3, too? You betcha. You can either download an MXP to update Dreamweaver specifically, or the full framework package (including all the additional documentation, samples and more – including the MXP updater for Dreamweaver).

Some interesting articles for those of you wanting to use Spry responsibly (I strongly recommend reading these regardless!):

Of course, there’s a lot more- but the good news is that Spry 1.6 is now available, and ready for you to start tweaking with ASAP. Regardless of whether you use Spry within Dreamweaver, or as a standalone framework, the team welcomes your feedback on the Spry forums so we can keep making it better for you and your real-world projects. Get to the bits, already!

Update: Don Booth has a great post on the Spry Team weblog now, too – great read for more details (including the new compressed versions of the Spry framework files- saving significant download time). Check it out here.

3 Responses to Spry 1.6 – It’s On.

  1. Congrats Scott! Glad to see momentum in Ajax/Dreamweaver front from Adobe. Definitely a community ripe for support and growth. We’re just getting ready to release our Dreamweaver extensions for the Nitobi Ajax components. Would to chat with you while I’m at MAX…ping me. andre [at] nitobi.com.

  2. Dee Sadler says:

    Scott, gotta tell you this is one of the more useful blogs I visit. Nice. This article is great for those of us who were too busy to go to MAX this year. We are waiting on the edge of our seats for people to blog, put up pics etc. (already have seen the ones of you and Ben on the big screen)Spry was one of the most exciting things to come out of DW CS3. This is great news, and keep em coming. We DO appreciate all the hard work the team puts into this stuff.Dee SadlerKCWebCore manager (an Adobe UG)Adobe Certified Instructorand, Adobe Community Expert

  3. @Andre- congrats on your launch as well! Your new components and their DW integration is AWESOME- thanks for talking more with me about it @MAX this week.@Dee- glad to hear you’re enjoying the blog, it’s fun to maintain, without a doubt. And speaking more broadly for the DW team, we’ve got a LOT in store, too- keep posted ;-)