Jeremy Keith on Spry 1.6

Back at Web Directions North in Vancouver this past year I had a conversation with Jeremy Keith on JavaScript and web design/development in general, and which was also a not-so-thinly-veiled effort to dig deeper into some excellent criticism he’d raised around the Spry framework, also echoed by Roger Johansson. I had roughly another half-hour/45 minutes of conversation that didn’t air, but was of immense value to the Spry team (and Dreamweaver team) in charting our response.

And that response was the recent Spry 1.6 update, of course. Which is getting much better feedback than 1.0, by a long shot. Jeremy recently took another peek at Spry and was as pleased with the documentation as he was with the technical changes in 1.6, Roger also recently gave a nod to the improved accessibility and progressive enhancement support. Right on. Spry’s still young, relatively speaking- so it’s nice to know the ship is headed in the right direction in regards to best practices overall.

Would you agree? If not, why?
Inquiring minds would love to know…

2 Responses to Jeremy Keith on Spry 1.6

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  2. Aww yeah. Cause you know Spry can bullseye Womp rats at just a few meters’ distance, too… ;-)