Spry and the 2007 Ajax Survey

It’s been a big year for the Spry framework– with tons of feedback from the standards and best practices community helping us get version 1.6 out the door that addressed darn near all the immediate concerns with the framework. Recently I blogged about the 2007 Ajax Survey, an annual census of framework usage across the Ajax development community, and urged interested parties to write in Spry, as it was not part of the survey- well, at least not at first.

The survey results are in- and although it didn’t crack the top 10 (among some heavyweight contenders), apparently Spry was the #1 write-in framework, to the degree that the surveyors added it as an official choice in the survey a day or two later. The excerpt of interest from Richard Monson-Haefel’s weblog post announcing the results:

“Spry is growing quickly and may be in the top 10 next year. Spry was left out of the survey for the first day or so and then added in as it was the most popular write in toolkit. It may have faired better if it was an option from the start.”

Great to hear. Now again- Spry wasn’t one of the top 10 frameworks, but for a designer-focused framework to make such a splash in such an application developer-heavy community this year can only be a positive sign that things are headed in the right direction (at least I’d hope so!), and we’re of course going to keep pushing forward on Spry to make it even better for next year. No resting on laurels here, that’s for sure.

Thanks to everyone who wrote Spry in on the survey! And if you haven’t checked out Spry 1.6 and all the new treats within, now would be a great time to do so. Make sure to drop comments and suggestions in on the Spry forums, too- the team’s always listening.

2 Responses to Spry and the 2007 Ajax Survey

  1. Hey Scott I told you that Spry was there ;)

  2. Yep, but if only it was there from the start, Marco! When I took the survey it wasn’t, alas. Regardless- a strong finish despite an obscure start, IMHO. :)