Ajax Framework Love for Dreamweaver

If you’ve been using Dreamweaver for Ajax work recently, you may have been underwhelmed with DW’s current code-level support for common JS frameworks and libs. Should that be the case, you’ll want to be praising LA developer (and old-skool Dreamweaver kung-fu master) Chris Charlton postehaste for releasing two DW extensions to enable support for Prototype.js and JQuery into Dreamweaver (MX through CS3).

You can get hold of the beta releases and view example screencasts at Chris’ site – xtnd.us – and make sure to send him some love for really kicking tail on these extensions. If you’re interested in MooTools and/or YUI support, he’s taking requests – and it also appears that a Mochikit extension is in the works as we speak.

Although Chris has noted an ExtJS extension is current on hold at the xtnd.us site linked above, it may be (as noted in the comment threads here at Ajaxian) due to the fact that a Windows ExtJS extension for Dreamweaver MX 2004 was built out by the Spket folks, which they’re planning to port up to CS3 soon.

Chris: here’s a virtual high-five from the DW team for your innate coolness in jumping on this project so quickly for DW developers worldwide. We’ve got some plans in the works in these regards ourselves, but this is a solution that the DW/Ajax development community can use right now, today. Hot damn. You rock, my man.

2 Responses to Ajax Framework Love for Dreamweaver

  1. Dope, thanks!I’ve received some really nice comments from folks.I feel like that moment in Zelda where you finally got the damn glove and you go back to that big rock that you KNOW has a piece of heart under it and you’re just one piece away from adding a new heart to your life bar, and you know you need it for whatever boss is in that next castle!Ya… that’s how it feels.

  2. Paul Grunt says:

    This is very cool and might prove to be a hook for nonDW dev’s out there.