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Fox Sports Adds Spry Photo Galleries

Very cool- just got word that Fox Sports has implemented a very nice set of Spry-based photo galleries like this one:

Spry powers the Photo Gallery

You can check out the new Photo Galleries here:

Make sure to click around with the sliding panels to check out the variety of galleries they’ve already implemented- really makes for a great vewing experience, and an equally great example of Spry in action. Nice job.

Spry – Linking to a Non-Default Panel

So you like those fancy-schmancy Spry accordions, but have the need to deep-link into closed accordion panels from an external page? That’s a pretty obvious use case usability-minded designers (and their clients) may require, and Dreamweaver and PHP guru David Powers has a great tutorial on just that topic on his Foundation Dreamweaver blog – “Linking to a non-default panel”.

If you’re strictly using the visual Spry tools in Dreamweaver to author, you’re probably missing a lot of the hidden gems in SpryURLUtils.js (included with the Spry 1.6 update), and this is a great tutorial for taking that first dive into the extra goodies v1.6 provides.

WaSP Bike-Hugger BBQ at SXSW 08

Headed to SXSW ’08 this year? I know I am, and I generally try to hit any/all WaSP-related events open to the public as I’m a bit obsessed with standards, personally speaking. Fortunately this year there’s more than just the annual meeting, the Web Standards Project are also hosting a barbecue event right across from the main event hall.

Because there’s so much going on in the world wide web today (IE8, HTML5), this year we’re doing an additional event: the Bike Hugger Beer & BBQ. It’s open to all SXSW interactive attendees, with free beer, free food and free (?) WaSP members present to discuss the state of the browser landscape.

This will be similar to the WaSP Cafés which, by the by, have been held in Tokyo, France and Spain over the last year, with 2008’s first WaSP Café (held in Paris) having a grand total of 70 people attending!

The core topic for the WaSP discussion will be the IE8 versioning proposal, which clearly has been a hot topic since the very moment it was announced on A List Apart. All the WaSPs that will be at SXSW will be present, so we hope to see you there as well!

More details on the event can be found on the WaSP site, of course.

Only downer for me is that I won’t be flying in until Saturday afternoon due to another speaking gig back in the Bay Area, but I’ll be trying to go straight here from the airport. Hope to see you there!