2 Bits of Browser News

First – and probably most surprising – the Internet Explorer 8 team just announced the reversal of the year. Instead of IE8 rendering in IE7 compatibility mode by default (and requiring a meta tag/header to ‘turn on’ IE8 compliance), the IE team just announced that IE8 will interpret web content in the most forward-looking, standards-compliant way that it can. The community has been very vocal about this, so it’s great to see the IE team not just listen, but respond directly to the negative feedback. To be clear, there was definitely a split in the standards community on the subject, but at the end of the day I can’t help but feel that having IE render more closely to standards by default is the right thing to do.

Secondly, the Web Standards Project (aka WaSP) just announced that the Acid3 browser test is now available, providing yet another benchmark for compliance for the browser vendors as a whole to refer to. IE8, for the record, recently passed the Acid2 test, but Drew hints that ‘work is already underway based on the Acid3 previews’, which is heartening to hear as well. Let’s hope all the browser vendors take Acid3 to heart, as a world with far less cross-browser rendering headaches is a world I’d really like to live in.

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