Random News Items

I’ve been pretty hectic between travel and SxSW the last couple weeks, but a few cool items of note may have slipped past. Catching up now…

  • Kuler just got an update today, with a feature I’ve been drooling over since I heard about it a few weeks back- color extraction! You can now upload an image, and have Kuler extract the dominant color theme from it. Simply awesome feature- saves me from my old “Posterize > sample colors to a swatch” workflow in Photoshop. Make sure and give the Kuler team your feedback, too.
  • The Web Standards Project (WaSP) announced at SxSW last week that the Dreamweaver Task Force is being renamed and expanded to the Adobe Task Force, covering a wider range of our products. Don’t fear, though- our historical cooperation with WaSP from the Dreamweaver team is alive and kicking as always, and will continue into the foreseeable future. I love those guys for keeping us honest over the years!
  • Chris Charlton has been working overtime again and sneaked a peek at his upcoming DW extension for Drupal developers – the Dreamweaver Themer’s Kit extension for Drupal. I swear that guy never sleeps, if you’ve been following his developer site xtnd.us you know exactly what I’m talking about. You can also check the Adobe Technologies group he manages out over at groups.drupal.org. Get some rest, Chris- we need you for the 4th quarter, man!

Anyway, since I didn’t feel like posting yet another dissection of what went wrong in Sarah Lacy’s interview of Facebook’s Mark Zuckerburg last week (although I missed the beginning of the interview, I was drawn to the trainwreck ending like a moth to a flame), or general ‘wish you were here’ posts from SXSW, so I hope these tidbits are a little lighter on the fluff. If you want the blow-by-blow from last week in Austin, you can rewind my Twitter stream, after all.

5 Responses to Random News Items

  1. Randy says:

    Sort of OT, but I wanted to know if you were planning on attending any web conferences this year?

  2. I am- but a rather different set of conferences than last year. Already hit Web Directions North in Vancouver and SXSW (Austin), and my next two stops are Web Visions 08 (Portland) and the Web 2.0 Expo (San Francisco). Alas, I’m not at TODCON this year… hopefully next year? :(

  3. Wulffy says:

    I was searching for Drupal extensions, but this “Dreamweaver Themer’s Kit extension for Drupal”-hint from you is great. I worked some years with Dreamweaver and some months with Drupal. Thanks for this.

  4. Max says:

    I thank you for reviewing the usage and importance of the tools like Dreamweaver and Drupal. I liked Dreamveaver and Adobe is just great in it.

  5. Hi Scott, thanks as always for the link love.I updated the Drupal API code hints, the Code Extras extension, and even the Drupal Theme Starter AIR app got some love too.