Back Online

MXNA wasn’t the only thing down in recent weeks, many Adobe staffers with blogs on the venerable old server also had their blogs and archives inaccessible during the same stretch (and for the same reasons), myself included. Good news- my blog is back online again and should be for the near future. I’m still weighing my long-term options for migrating off the old Macromedia weblog server, but it’s nice to at least have the old, familiar site up and running again here in the interim. Old permalinks here could break for a few more hours, but that should be fixed in short order as well.

Fortunately this is resolved, as I’m going to have a LOT to talk about in just a few short weeks- which I strongly suspect will be of interest to you as well. ;-)

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  1. Hello Scott.Heard about the new features of the upcoming Dreamweaver on Ted Patrick’s blog and thought most probably you might be thinking of giving readers of your blog more insight on what’s new and expected features in the upcoming release

  2. Hi, William- absolutely. We’re only doing in-person demos of DW-Next right now (the Web 2.0 demo being one of the first), but I promise I’ll have a LOT more information to share with everyone here shortly- keep posted!

  3. Dope. I had withdrawls at times.:)

  4. Jeff Kuryk says:

    11 May 08Hello Mr.Fegette,I was wondering if you might have a few words of wisdom for me. I created a website on my MacPro using iWeb. I passed it on to a creative friend of mine about 4 months ago and he’s simply stalled out after adding some nice touches. He promised to install FrontPage on my MacBookPro using some sort of shell and give me lessons on how to modify the site on my own. Well, here I am 90 days past the deadline and he’s still poking along. Since he’s a friend I can’t push him too hard but I am nearly out of patience.My questions are:Should I have the site converted to Dreamweaver (for Mac)?Once perfected, would it be very difficult to learn to modify it myself?Do you know of any keener website designer(s) who would be willing to complete the site for a reasonable fee?————–I live near a Canadian army base and some of the soldiers are returning from Afghanistan in pretty bad psychological shape. I intend to “support the troops” by dispensing as much information as I can about self care before and after deployment. (I will do my best to let U.S. veterans’ organizations know about it as well.)Thanks for your help!Jeff Kuryk M.A.Registered Psychologistp.s. The movie, In the Valley of Elah will give you an idea of what mental health professionals are facing as a result of the current wars.

  5. Hi, Jeff-First up, if you’re looking for web designers to pick up your site development, I always recommend posting in the DW forums for recommendations. Lots of good folk there who can help, I just don’t stay current with the job market and availability, unfortunately.More directly re: your questions- FrontPage is a HORRIBLE option, honestly. It’s been discontinued by Microsoft for some time now, even if there were a Mac version ever made available – I think even Microsoft would suggest something newer (and I would strongly recommend using a Mac-native application, which rules out their Windows-only successor to FrontPage – Expression Web – unfortunately). Run screaming from FrontPage, honestly- that application was HORRIBLE, if you ask me, or pretty much any other serious web designer/developer.Fortunately, Dreamweaver doesn’t have to ‘convert’ any site- you just point it at your live server via FTP/SFTP and pull down the site files, then start working. That’s the best part of using a professional web development app like Dreamweaver- it doesn’t store files in proprietary ways, only the way they would be on the remote web server. Dreamweaver is of course a great option (but I’m obviously biased), and if you’re not particularly technical, iWeb does provide a nice Mac-native interface for basic edits- although the code behind it can become a bit convoluted at times. If Dreamweaver’s a bit much for you (it can be overwhelming), Contribute’s also an option that’s much less technical and more focused on edits to your site as opposed to new development.Hope that’s helpful?

  6. Jeff Kuryk says:

    Hi Scott,Thanks for your advice. I shall add it to the mix when I mull over my options. It always pays to consult experts!Sincerely yours,Jeff

  7. Judi says:

    Hello Mr.Fegette,I designed a quick website in IWEB, I’m having problems interfacing with IE8 and the transparence is not working online, but show ok when you test it. Can I add another color to the web already design pages, so I can have lets say main backgroud black and have a smaller box with grey or blue on top.Thank you in advance for your help

  8. Hi, Judi-I’m afraid I’m not very familiar with iWeb, but yes- you should be able to apply different colors to the background of your page as well as various regions. I’d check the iWeb documentation for specifics, however, as I don’t have that particular software myself. Hope this helps!