Dreamweaver Public Beta – Now Open

Dreamweaver’s 10 years old this year, and to celebrate the decade we decided to make some big changes, and public ones at that. So we’re releasing a public beta of the current DW build (code named Stiletto), and letting you get your hands on it to see where things are headed.

Design is not static these days, but stateful, and dynamic. Forms proactively validate themselves in modern designs, and user interfaces intertwine dynamically-loaded data with application-like interaction models. Being born in a static age, Dreamweaver needed to come to parity with the way these types of immersive site experiences are designed and developed by today’s web pro. We met with a lot of designers and developers across the map after Dreamweaver CS3 was in the can, watched how they worked and tried to reflect the best of what we learned in Dreamweaver’s tools and workflow. The result is Stiletto.

Stiletto’s Live View lets you render the current page in Webkit – with JavaScript-driven interface elements and dynamic data from local servers in place – then freeze a particular page state and use the new Code Navigator and Related Files toolbar to directly navigate the asset files that combine to render a given element on the page. Quite frankly, there’s nothing quite like it in other design and development tools. Subversion support in the Files panel and extended, dynamic JavaScript code hinting help you be more effective with your site assets. Stiletto’s user interface has undergone work as well, now far less obtrusive, with auto-hiding and minimizing panels, a muted color scheme and horizontal/vertical split view options to maximize whatever display real-estate you’ve got at hand.

I’ve been using Stiletto pretty constantly for the last few months, and now refuse to go back to Dreamweaver CS3, quite honestly. And we hope you enjoy using Stiletto as much as we’ve enjoyed researching and building it. Let us know what you think in the beta forum– the features are pretty much locked but bugs and feature requests are always welcomed. We have a few video walkthroughs of the new features at Adobe TV as well, and you can read more about the DW public beta (and get the download) here at Adobe Labs.

I’ll be posting thoughts, tips, suggestions and new tidbits of information about Stiletto from time to time, so if you’re new here, save a bookmark (or add my feed to your daily scoop) and check back once in a while.


10 Responses to Dreamweaver Public Beta – Now Open

  1. Mike says:

    news about addt (dreamweaver developer toolbox)?

  2. The release notes state that ADDT (and many other extensions) are not yet compatible with the DW public beta, Mike. No news beyond that, sorry.

  3. Randy says:

    When they do release DW and FW cs4, are they going to come out with entire CS4 upgrade? Or will it just be a few programs this time?

  4. Hi, Randy-Each product team makes their own decision about public betas, this cycle it was DW, FW and SB, last cycle it was Photoshop. The suite is the suite, however- unfortunately we can’t comment yet on when the next version will be officially released.

  5. sherifmayika says:

    New dreamweaver is owesomewhensill he final be available?

  6. Thanks! We definitely put a lot of work into this beta release. As noted in comments above, however- we can’t comment yet on the final release date, sorry. Keep posted!

  7. Frederick Malouf says:

    Hello Scott,I downloaded Dreamweaver CS4 for OS X, but it crashes on launch. I see I need some extensions:Adobe Anchor Service CS4Suite Shared Configuration CS4Adobe Extension Manager CS4.I had assumed that these would automatically install, but it seems this has not happened. I have reinstalled twice and restarted the machine, to no effect. Actually, I can see the folders for Adobe Anchor and Extension manager CS4 are there, but while there is something in the Anchor folder, there is nothing in the extension manager CS4 folder. The anchor folder could be for the CS3 I have installed.How can I see why Dreamweaver is crashing? How do I get these elements I seem to be missing? I checked the Console. IT says there is a bus error. I have pasted the Console dialog below:20/07/08 9:37:51 PM Dreamweaver[4092] plist fetch: 120/07/08 9:37:51 PM Dreamweaver[4092] browserAppName:20/07/08 9:37:51 PM Dreamweaver[4092] browserAppVersion:20/07/08 9:37:51 PM Dreamweaver[4092] browserAppBuild:20/07/08 9:37:51 PM Dreamweaver[4092] binaryImageName:20/07/08 9:37:51 PM Dreamweaver[4092] defaultDescription:20/07/08 9:38:07 PM com.apple.launchd[92] ([0x0-0x143143].com.adobe.dreamweaver-10,0[4092]) Exited abnormally: Bus errorAny help would be extremely appreciated.Regards,Frederick

  8. Hi, Frederick-Please post that in the DW Beta forum so one of the engineers and/or the community can help out- I really can’t assist with technical issues from my ‘blog, sorry. I’d recommend also posting more information about your OS (esp. the version), as without that context it’ll be very difficult for anyone to really help. Thx in advance!Dreamweaver Beta Forums:http://www.adobe.com/cfusion/webforums/forum/categories.cfm?forumid=72&catid=674

  9. Billigflug says:

    I know, I am late, but that´s just awesome!!! OMG so many things I am just astonished how ingenious they solved problems! xD

  10. Rachel Holmen says:

    How can I learn about the NEXT beta project for Dreamweaver?