WebAssist Menu Writer

I recently got a preview of WebAssist’s new product, Menu Writer – which looks to be quite a fine Dreamweaver extension for creating and managing one of the most frequently used interface patterns- drop-down menus. Although there are a lot of menu solutions available, they’ve done a great job of distilling them down to a nice wizard-based approach that makes it very easy to create menu-based navigation for your projects. Some highlights I noticed:

  • Menu Writer pulls in existing directory structures, so you can easily suck up existing heirarchies in your server environment and create comprehensive navigation for them.
  • As is the case with all the WebAssist products, there are tons of great themes and presets, and you can easily create your own for quick reuse of common themes or site styles.
  • You can place multiple menus on same page – no collisions – and easily re-enter the extension interface to edit your existing menus.
  • Not only does it work seamlessly with their hit product CSS Sculptor, but it also lets you specify the code structure of your menus, so even gearheads have a nice way to tweak the code and reuse it with precision.

Very cool extension!
Now Menu Writer is obviously a commercial extension, but WebAssist has a special deal going thru May 27th (normally $99, but $74.99 for the first few weeks), so get it while it’s hot. :)

2 Responses to WebAssist Menu Writer

  1. I bought Menu Writer 2 days ago, installed the extension on DW8. BUT nothing happens when I try to open “new menu” in DW in the WebAssist tab… Their support has not answered and helped so far.Any suggestions would be very much appreciated!Thanks,Susanne

  2. Hi, Susanne- I’m afraid I only know of WebAssist’s public support mechanisms, so no- I don’t have any suggestions aside from perhaps trying to uninstall and then reinstall the extension again (and make sure if you have DW open at the time that you restart it after installation). Give them a bit of time on the support options, perhaps try to escalate? HTH!