Pandora Desktop with Adobe AIR

My favorite music browsing/listening service, Pandora, just released a beta desktop client… and it’s built using Adobe AIR. Sweet! Yet another example of how easily you can move from web to desktop using AIR. As Pandora was always Flash-based, it’s not a surprising move (and the design/look/feel is pretty much just like the site so not a huge jump forward in functionality), but a welcome move nonetheless- I’m not a fan of listening from my browser and much prefer the OS X dock controls the AIR desktop client provides. You can read more about the desktop beta at the Pandora team blog, and download/install the desktop beta here.

4 Responses to Pandora Desktop with Adobe AIR

  1. Dan says:

    Take a look at the CPU utilization of Pandora when using Air. Minimized it is about 50% of a 2.4GHz proc (MacBook Pro). The other alternatives run around five to ten percent when minimized. I think I will let it run in Firefox for a while instead, I can’t think of a time when I had a network connection and did not have Firefox open anyway.Take Care,Dan

  2. Tom says:

    Well, running a 2.4 intel p4 under linux (kernel gives a much better result, max 20% cpu load minimized. true it is just the web app, but it minimizes to the tray and is out of the way. And you will not accidentally close it by closing your browser or tab in your browser.

  3. Jeremy says:

    I’m a fan of all things Pandora, and so far I dig Air on Linux, but the Pandora desktop app doesn’t impress me. It doesn’t provide any new shiny functionality and it has big ugly ads on it, which I don’t have to put up with in FF; I didn’t even know Pandora had ads until I installed the Air app.Perhaps future versions will be more interesting, with fun stuff like screenlets controls, skins, and other complete wastes of my time and CPU cycles.Cheers,Jeremy

  4. Kelly Burgie says:

    thanks! very helpful post!! like the template btw