Opera’s Web Standards Curriculum

It can be tough to stay on top of web standards and best practices when you’re churning away on projects- and god knows reading the W3C specs can be overwhelming. Recently Opera has taken a big step forward in releasing the Opera Web Standards Curriculum– a series of Creative Commons-licensed articles stepping through the breath of standards-based web development in an incredibly straightforward manner. Although they’ve planned around 50 such articles, the first 23 are now online for your educational pleasure.

Big shout-out and tip of the hat to Opera’s standards viking Chris Mills, who wrangled all of the editorial duties, coordinated with the Yahoo! developer network, and launched all of this curriculum right as he also welcomed his daughter Elva into the world – two major undertakings of extreme significance if you ask me. This type of open educational material has been long overdue, and the open way in which it’s being distributed will go a long way towards helping further the cause of web standards in both the professional market as well as the educational world – where curriculum can take an even slower path to adopt new and emerging standards.

Kudos to all involved- and BTW Chris, next time drinks are on me. :)

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