MAX Session Highlight – Designing in a Developer’s World

Full disclosure- “Designing in a Developer’s World” is my session this year at MAX. It was born out of many, many discussions I’ve had over the last 2 years in which it’s become increasingly clear that the line between designer and developer is blurring when it comes to modern web-based projects.

As opposed to a decade ago where static web pages and request/response interaction with server-side components were your only choice, these days your average web designer creates designs that are dynamic and stateful – user interface elements open, closed, expanded, and resized, forms that validate themselves without taking a trip to the server first, etc – it’s certainly not 1997 anymore. As the technical demands on web designers increase, the complexity of our projects have increased exponentially. This session will really get to the heart of the quandary- efficiently creating stateful, web-based designs while maintaining a modicum of creativity throughout an increasingly technical process. For examples and context, I’m planning to explore several types of ‘stateful design’ workflows that today’s web designers are regularly a part of- from interactive form-based applications, to rich interface implementation, to content syndication and reuse.

There will be slides and example code available after the session, of course- I’ll be sure to post them on my blog in case you miss it. However, if this sounds up your alley, please add my “Designing in a Developer’s World” session to your MAX schedule, and make sure to come armed with your best questions- my favorite part about these presentations is, quite frankly, the open Q&A that always ensues afterwards.

Look forward to seeing you in November!

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