MAX Session Highlight – Extending Spry

One of the MAX 2008 sessions I’m most excited about is Danilo Celic’s session “Extending the Spry Framework“. Danilo’s both an engineer for WebAssist as well as a hardcore individual developer, having been writing Dreamweaver extensions since the API was published years ago. If you’ve been working with Spry but not venturing much ‘outside the box’, this is exactly the session for you- Danilo will cover custom widgets, transitions and effects by extending the base Spry component set, and how to really take the visual effects to the next level.

For a few bloghints from Danilo to whet your appetite, you can check out his posts “Help for creating custom Spry transitions“, and “Upping your Transition Count“, and know that he’s going to school you much, much deeper in the session. Even if you’re more of a general JavaScript coder, this session should have a ton of real-world information you can get tactical with fast. Highly recommended!

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