Speaking today @ An Event Apart SF

I’m currently at An Event Apart San Francisco, where I’ll be speaking this evening on Responsible Web Design, a meme I’ve been following for the last year or so without sharing the slides. Although it started as a ‘Cliffs Notes’ preso on web design and development best practices, it’s now started to incorporate some of the new features of Dreamweaver CS4 that support said practices. I’m all for closing loops, honestly.

As this will be the last time I give this particular presentation (I really mean it this time!), I’m uploading a PDF of the current deck for anyone who’s interested. It’s gone through several iterations, for what it’s worth, so I can’t guarantee it’s the same deck you saw beforehand. Feel free to ask questions here in comments if you have any?

Download the “Responsible Web Design” PDF

You’re welcome to repurpose anything within as you’d like, all I ask is if you’d like to do that- please drop me a line here and tell me how you’ll be using it. However, the code/design assets I use in the DW sections can’t be shared yet (we’ll be using them for a new series of presentations I’m working on), so sorry about that- just slides this time.