Dreamweaver CS4 Reference Posted

If you’ve been flying blind with the Dreamweaver CS4 public beta and no documentation, I’ve got some good news- we just posted the Dreamweaver CS4 help files in their mostly-complete state in advance of the official CS4 ship date. You can access them here right away:

Even cooler, our Learning Resources team has launched a new ‘Community Help’ site that not only indexes the official product documentation, but other community resources that address Dreamweaver- a fantastic way to search for docs across a variety of resources. And Community Help is not just limited to Dreamweaver, but covers all the other Adobe products, too- solutions may involve multiple tools, so this will be very helpful in searching a bit ‘outside the box’.


4 Responses to Dreamweaver CS4 Reference Posted

  1. Thanks for posting–this is the sort of format I like to read (not the Flash preso on adobe.com).Why did you all ditch webservices? I mean, the timeline, sure… but I would have thought webservices would be of value to some.

  2. Hey, Phillip- FWIW, the web services panel was only useful for SOAP-based services, while the industry switched quite some time ago to REST-based services as a general API standard, which meant the WS panel in DW ended up being pretty much unused overall- but took a lot of work/testing to keep updated from release-to-release, so we deprecated it to focus engineering resources on things like Live View and such this cycle.

  3. Mike says:

    where is the new ADDT extension? it’s true that is necessary half 2009 for it?

  4. Just like it says in the ADDT section of Adobe.com- a CS4-compatible version will be available in early 2009. Until then I’d recommend keeping a copy of CS3 around if you need to update ADDT-powered sites.This is exactly the same update process we had for CS3, for what it’s worth. It takes time to update ADDT after the host app (DW) is finalized, it’s not a trivial product.