Welcome to 2009

Wow- where did 2008 go? Between CS4 development and release, the MAX conference (a virtual blur) and the general holiday-season craziness of recent weeks I seem to have blinked and lost a few months in the process. But while I’ve been preoccupied, Dreamweaver CS4 continues to get great reviews and feedback, definitely one of our biggest DW releases in years as Ross Greenburg at Computer World reports:

“As for me, I immediately updated to CS4 as soon as I could. The enhancements over earlier releases, including CS3, are too compelling to be ignored — so I didn’t. The upgrade price makes this an absolute no-brainer. There’s a reason to consider this the latest and greatest version of CS4: Because it is.”

Aw- thanks, Ross!

Another recent set of articles that cover Dreamweaver CS4 at SitePoint are definitely worth reading if you’re still on the fence in picking up CS4- very well-balanced and even feedback on the release:

Good points in the last one – specifically the emerging best practice of putting <script> blocks before the closing </body> tag in order to prevent race conditions, i.e. when you may invoke JS on a element of your markup that hasn’t yet loaded.

Anyway- hope you had a great holiday season, and an even better 2009. I’ll try to be less infrequent in my postings over the next few months – honest – as I’ve got a lot of good DW tips/thoughts/etc to share in the New Year.

5 Responses to Welcome to 2009

  1. V1 | Arnout says:

    I understand his comment about the script in the footer, but that would be a bad idea when it comes to the element selector, you want your functionality to be applied when the DOM nodes are accessible, if you place them that script at the bottom of your page you will need to wait till that is parsed to, while your users can already interact with your website.It might load your page faster, but if your users can interact with the page yet, what use would that be ;)

  2. Danilo Celic says:

    Arnout,If you’re testing shows that the user experience on your pages is impacted by then don’t use that bottom scripts technique, no one is twisting any arms here. ;-)Scott,I’m looking forward to what this new year brings us!As script loading time is in part based upon what is cached, perhaps that suggests that Spry should be made available via a CDN (which is another of the YSlow suggestions) such as Google’s AJAX Libraries API project: http://code.google.com/apis/ajaxlibs/

  3. Arnout- it really depends on the page and what on it is being loaded (and why), but I agree with Danilo- use the technique that works best for the project at hand.Danilo- myself as well! I know the CDN idea has been kicking around here too- will make sure to uplevel that to the Spry guys ;-)

  4. Mike says:

    I have dw8 for Interakt extensions, dwcs3 for ADDT and dwcs4 for… for what?… Adobe please create a new version of ADDT!

  5. Coming first half of this year, Mike.Quite frankly, the workflow benefits of DWCS4 are monumental (hard to believe you haven’t seen at least one that would benefit you), but we just don’t get enough requests for large-scale updates to either our built-in server behaviors or ADDT to spend a signficant degree of focus on them right now (ADDT customers account for ~1% of the total DW market, believe it or not).