Return of the Son Of A…

It’s been a long time since my last blog post, so I figured it’s time to start dusting off things again after my most recent hiatus. A lot’s happened.

– We launched Dreamweaver CS5, a rather huge release (Check it out here.). If you do any dynamic styling/theming of PHP-based CMS systems, it’ll be a godsend, and if you just do general HTML/CSS/JS work you’ll find DW is a lot more flexible these days :)

– BrowserLab has gone through some serious iterations, with a new auto-align tool, Firefox/Firebug plugin, and a lot more (BrowserLab Home).

– MAX 2010 is coming up this month (Adobe MAX 2010), and between all the HTML5/CSS3 fun you’ve been getting in on lately plus all the sweet new Flash/Flex/Video/Creative Suite products there’s a lot of good sessions and topics to cover.

Hope to see you at MAX (I’ll be hosting a session on Cutting Edge Web Design using Dreamweaver CS5 – focusing on multiscreen/mobile design and layout, CMS theming and HTML5/CSS3, so check it out)!

As always, if you want more regular updates follow me on Twitter (@sfegette), or throw this RSS feed in your reader and be prepared to wait a bit. ;-)

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