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Thank you for waiting

The waits over and we are sharing more! We have started sending out invites to join the service, by sharing files through the Share :-)…off course. Everyone who added their email address to our waiting list should receive an invite by the end of this week. General sign-up for Share will be opened up next week.

Enjoy Share and continue to give us your feedback about the service.

Share Beta Updated

It has been a couple of weeks since we last spoke to you. Thank you all for using the service and providing valuable feedback. Since the last time, we have updated the Share Beta service with a few enhancements and bug fixes. In particular the embedded previewer now allows embedding of image files (including jpeg, gif, png) on websites, wikis or blogs.

What a beautiful waterfall!!


In addition we are also adding a full page toggle mode for the embedded previewer and other UI controls like zoom-in and scroll based on your feedback. These are particularly important when reading embedded documents.

A couple of features that the team is working on are:

  • Adding the ability to convert documents to PDF (including Microsoft Office files, ODF, etc.)
  • Easily searching and finding documents using the document properties and content.

More on these and additional features later…

Enjoy Share..

Sharing from your iPhone?

Shahram Javey, engineering manager for the Share team here at Adobe, built a very cool service using the Share REST APIs. The service allows accessing your Share Library, viewing documents and sharing documents all from your iPhone. Check it out at He talks about this in his blog.

This is really exciting and highlights the extensibility of the service. Shahram was able to take the vanilla Share APIs and build a prototype using these APIs in a just a couple of days. This is exactly the types of scenarios we have envisioned in opening up the service for use by developers and third parties service providers.

What a week this has been…

It was last Tuesday (Oct 2nd) that we unveiled the Share service at the keynote address at MAX. Wow! What a busy past week it was, we got a lot of great coverage in the press and the blogosphere. Want to thank everyone who have started using Share, sent us feedback on enhancements they would like to see in the service. Also special thanks to those who have expressed an interest in getting an account on Share, we will be sending out additional invites soon.

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