Share Beta Updated

It has been a couple of weeks since we last spoke to you. Thank you all for using the service and providing valuable feedback. Since the last time, we have updated the Share Beta service with a few enhancements and bug fixes. In particular the embedded previewer now allows embedding of image files (including jpeg, gif, png) on websites, wikis or blogs.

What a beautiful waterfall!!


In addition we are also adding a full page toggle mode for the embedded previewer and other UI controls like zoom-in and scroll based on your feedback. These are particularly important when reading embedded documents.

A couple of features that the team is working on are:

  • Adding the ability to convert documents to PDF (including Microsoft Office files, ODF, etc.)
  • Easily searching and finding documents using the document properties and content.

More on these and additional features later…

Enjoy Share..

10 Responses to Share Beta Updated

  1. John says:

    Share looks pretty sweet but it is really annoying having to have to keep adding urls to the Firefox pop-up allow list to view shared items.Maybe this is already on the to-do list.

  2. Mangesh Bhandarkar says:

    Thanks for the comment. We are looking into changing the embed functionality which will help address this issue.

  3. WAYNE says:

    HELLO,Very interesting service – currently experimenting with what I can (and cannot) do with it.One query – I make a lot of Flash (SWF) movies using Captivate 2.0 – so far, if I try to embed the HTML code for the movie, the screen is effectively halved – how can this be resolved?Thanks in advance.

  4. Mark Gould says:

    Am I missing something, or is Share not yet able to create previews from PDF files?Thanks for putting together another great online app, my good neighbor Adobians.

  5. calvin says:

    how could we share .swf movie like this one that you are showing when I couldn’t upload my .flv file?

  6. In order to change the size of the embedded SWF you can edit the height and width parameters in the embed code before adding the code to your website.

  7. Hi Mark,Glad you like the service. Share can generate previews for PDF files. If you are having trouble with a specific PDF file for which the preview is not being generated can you send email to so that someone will be able to find out why that is happening.

  8. We don’t currently support embedding .FLV files. Only SWF files can be embedded presently from Share.

  9. WAYNE says:

    What dimensions (width and height) were used to set the embedded player showing the “Waterfall” SWF movie? Maybe I can use these parameters in my own blogging.Thanks in advance.

  10. The embedded viewer has the following settings:width=”410″ height=”338″You can tweak to your heart’s content to make it fit your content, just remember that the size of our frame around your content is subject to change – its just a beta!