Sharing from your iPhone?

Shahram Javey, engineering manager for the Share team here at Adobe, built a very cool service using the Share REST APIs. The service allows accessing your Share Library, viewing documents and sharing documents all from your iPhone. Check it out at He talks about this in his blog.

This is really exciting and highlights the extensibility of the service. Shahram was able to take the vanilla Share APIs and build a prototype using these APIs in a just a couple of days. This is exactly the types of scenarios we have envisioned in opening up the service for use by developers and third parties service providers.

One Response to Sharing from your iPhone?

  1. Mike says:

    Hey guys and gals – I know you will be really busy at the moment with updating Share, but please…… this is such a fantastic project, we would LOVE to hear more from you on the day to day stuff in your blog.