Thank you for waiting

The waits over and we are sharing more! We have started sending out invites to join the service, by sharing files through the Share :-)…off course. Everyone who added their email address to our waiting list should receive an invite by the end of this week. General sign-up for Share will be opened up next week.

Enjoy Share and continue to give us your feedback about the service.

2 Responses to Thank you for waiting

  1. Alan Vargas says:

    Hi, thanks for open the beta to everyone.I have a question…What is the time that the files will be in our recipients?Also…you should make a FAQ :PI made an article in my Blog about Share.

  2. The service sends out emails immediately to the recipients with a URL to the file. Recipients should be able to immediately download the files from Share when they click on the link in the email.The Share FAQ is at