Creating PDFs, Previewing Office Files and many more new features…

It has been a really long time since we last spoke to you. The Share team has been busy adding new features and improving performance of Share Beta. And today we released a new version of Share with a whole host of new features.

The first thing you will notice when you login to the Share Beta service is the new button bar at the top.


We have eliminated the Home tab which was in the previous version of the service to give more focus to your documents in the Share library. The three buttons are the primary tasks supported by the Share service: Uploading files, Sharing files and Converting Files to PDFs. Yes, creating PDFs!ᅠ

Now you can convert documents to Adobe PDF using Share! Adobe PDF is the de facto standard for more secure, dependable electronic information exchange — recognized by industries and governments around the world. By converting your files to Adobe PDF you can ensure that recipients will be able to view your files regardless of platform and application availability. To convert a file to PDF simply select the file from your desktop or by dragging-and-dropping a file already in your Share library.


Once the PDF conversion is completed you can directly Share the converted file or copy the URL or copy the embed code for the file. Share supports converting to PDF all the popular formats including: Microsoft Office files, Open Office files, text files, images and postscript files.


Based on user feedback we have also added an Upload Files task which allows you to simply pick one or more files from your desktop and upload them to Share.


You can use this task to store a file on Share and then share it with others either by emailing the URL directly or embedding the file on your website, blog or a wiki page using the embed code. Share automatically generates a thumbnail and a Flash preview for all stored files to provide a rich browser-based viewing experience for your files. With this new release, in addition to PDF and image files (which were already supported in the earlier version), you will be able to view Microsoft Office files, Open Office files through the web browser without having to first download them.

The Share Files task should look familiar but has a couple of interesting enhancements.


We have added the ability to customize the subject of the Share emails when notifying recipients regarding shared files. When choosing recipients for sharing files, the system will match against your contact list as you type and auto-complete the email addresses for you making it easier to share files.

This new release of Share enhances the ability to embed documents into external website by enabling embedding of Office documents. The embedded view also contains a full screen toggle which allows users to view the embedded document in the full screen mode and provides a much richer viewing experience.

One additional feature worth mentioning, search now searches through the contents of your entire file library including files that other have shared with you so that you can quickly find the file you are looking for.

Let us know what you think about this new release and please send us feedback about other enhancements you would like to see in Share at share_beta at

7 Responses to Creating PDFs, Previewing Office Files and many more new features…

  1. Campbell says:

    When will we see the “print to Share” print driver? and is there going to be an API at some stage?

  2. Peter says:

    According to the Buzzword blog, Adobe Share now offers 5 GB of storage ( don’t see any indication of this here. Is it true or false?

  3. Mangesh Bhandarkar says:

    The “print to Share” print driver is still in the works and we will release it later this year. APIs for creating PDF are now available. Please visit the API blog at for more information about the APIs.

  4. Mangesh Bhandarkar says:

    Probably a typo on the buzzword blog :-). Adobe Share currently offers 1 GB of free space. We will evaluate the amount of free disk space offered over the next few months.

  5. Hey Mangesh,Whats the story with only being able to create “5” pdf documents?

  6. Hi Steven,Thanks for asking! The Share service is currently in beta and provides the same functionality as the CreatePDF Online service . We will be adding capabilities and improving the service in the coming months, and have plans later in the year to provide a subscription version of the service which will allow you to create an unlimited number of PDFs.

  7. Marc Hughes says:

    Any chance to customize the “viewer” of embedded documents?I’d love to upload a custom data file, and through the API specify a swf that views that type of data. That would let us upload a much wider variety of document types and still use the embed functionality.