A Place to Share Your Director / Shockwave News, Ideas, Projects and Conversation

Welcome to Shockwaves, a new online resource for users of Adobe Director and Shockwave. Your host here is Allen Partridge, Adobe Director Evangelist and I’m joined by authors from Adobe and beyond in an effort to encourage rapid delivery of information about Adobe Director and Shockwave. The basic theme of this blog is the same as its mission – to encourage you the authors and developers of Adobe Shockwave and Director content to create all the media you wish.

Here we say, Don’t just make waves, Make Shockwaves!

My sincere hope is that this space will faciliate your authoring and development process. You will find things that inspire, tips that ease and community that helps you share your adventures and experiences.

Adobe Director continues a tradition of nearly twenty years of excellence in multimedia authoring. Shockwave isn’t just any web plugin, it’s the plugin that revolutionized the Internet more than a decade ago providing Rich Internet Applications, games, presentations, animations when web pages were otherwise slow and static.

Today there is no better way to publish robust cross-platform real-time 3D applications on the Internet than via Adobe Shockwave. It is the most powerful online plugin in its class and remains an industry leader. With over 60% ubiquity it by far the most far reaching Internet plugin for providing 3D visualization, interaction and animation. I look forward to hearing from members of the community of Director Authors and developers. Look to this space for regular updates about Director and Shockwave.